Thursday, February 17, 2011

...Campers Campers Everywhere!!!!....

Well, it's that time of the year again, when you start thinking about gathering all your plastic dishes and your playing cards.   You start dreaming of the best route to take to get to your KOA quickly, without going through any heavy traffic or "tight" exits.   Let's examine the dinosaur and butterfly lights to make sure we have complete sets... and if not?  Are you missing something chintzy? Do you need to replace that pink plastic resiny dish set?  Need to know where all the new Campgrounds are along with the best route?  Well Go No Further!!!  The 44th Annual RV and Camping Show is the place to be!  Or rather it Was the place to be...

Running in and out all the campers.  Bunk bed Everywhere.
"Some are all Gray and Shaped like a bullet!"
"One had a microwave! Can you believe it!?"
So, my dad goes every year. loves it.  and he has a couple of little munchkins that love it too.  Somehow, he has now convinced my husband that he should go too.. Mostly out of guilt and that damn rock and a hard place.  Dad (and most people for that matter) can't handle both kids at the same time, and it would just be heart wrenching to tell the little bear that he can't go, but Nico gets to.  So my brave, very brave husband went with (Thank you Babe!!!!)

Balloon figures!? At the RV show!????  What could be better!?
Hard day.  Must rest.