Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chuttes and Ladders!

Family Game Night

We sat down to play Chuttes and Ladders - as you may be able to tell, we are missing a few of the pieces. Ryan ended up being the glue stick, I was a stick figure drawn on a piece of paper, Nico was a Nijago playing card, and Luca... well, he got the only real piece - a cute little cartoon girl.

Nico won 2 games - fair and square - even when Ryan tried, accidentally, to cheat. Luca only lasted 1/2 of one game. He was upset that he couldn't climb any ladder he wanted. So he said with a stop of his foot "I no want to play this game." He then moved 3 feet to his left and won his own game of Candy Land.

Maybe next week will be Go Fish!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Secret agents, Yoga, and Steve Zissou

These are not the disguises that come to mind when I think "secret agent"... but who am I to get in the way with a child's imagination?

A young Steve Zissou, M, and my other brother Larry
Secret Agent Nico... ???  I don't know either.
The new fad in parenting is Child-Directed Parenting, I'm usually quite skeptical of this style of parenting as I like to tell them what to do, because for the most part I believe the way I do things is the right way of doing things. This all goes out the window when friends are over and a bottle of wine is opened. Yes, parental supervision is still there, I just care less about what game they are playing and what type of mess they are making once the wine is poured.

This night did give me some added trust in this style of parenting. After allowing them to choose their own fun, helmets and yoga became a huge part of the night. Isn't this what we all want? The epileptic is wearing a hockey helmet while standing on the top bunk and the night ended with a ABC Yoga video.


Swimwear Yoga
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

...Campers Campers Everywhere!!!!....

Well, it's that time of the year again, when you start thinking about gathering all your plastic dishes and your playing cards.   You start dreaming of the best route to take to get to your KOA quickly, without going through any heavy traffic or "tight" exits.   Let's examine the dinosaur and butterfly lights to make sure we have complete sets... and if not?  Are you missing something chintzy? Do you need to replace that pink plastic resiny dish set?  Need to know where all the new Campgrounds are along with the best route?  Well Go No Further!!!  The 44th Annual RV and Camping Show is the place to be!  Or rather it Was the place to be...

Running in and out all the campers.  Bunk bed Everywhere.
"Some are all Gray and Shaped like a bullet!"
"One had a microwave! Can you believe it!?"
So, my dad goes every year. loves it.  and he has a couple of little munchkins that love it too.  Somehow, he has now convinced my husband that he should go too.. Mostly out of guilt and that damn rock and a hard place.  Dad (and most people for that matter) can't handle both kids at the same time, and it would just be heart wrenching to tell the little bear that he can't go, but Nico gets to.  So my brave, very brave husband went with (Thank you Babe!!!!)

Balloon figures!? At the RV show!????  What could be better!?
Hard day.  Must rest.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Baby is 6...

I'm not sure when or how this happened.  But Nico turned 6! 
I spent the morning frantically trying to get ready for the birthday party and trying desperately not to think about how old my baby was.  6 years feels like a big number today.  1-5 seem so young, just a baby or a toddler, but now he's a kid, a really live kid!  If he's not arguing with me, he's building elaborate ships with Legos or conducting science experiments.  Take a look at his Speroment blog for "up to date Nico Science." Because Nico loves friends and parties, we planned a birthday party at our house.  It would be a chill day with face painting, cake and ice cream and maybe some goop making.  As it turned out, almost all the kids invited could make it.  We had 12 children in our house, and NO other adults.   I think that as each parent entered, they knew that pandemonium was about to ensue and they had better get out now and quick, or they were going to be sucked into the chaos that only young kids can create.   So 12 kids and 2 adults - Ryan and I looked at each other and took a deep breath... the rest is history. 

The face painting was a bigger hit than I thought it would be.  
Using his new science tools.  He just loves Science.
 He has decided to invent a time machine when he is all grown up.
I told him he needs to learn the basics first - GOOP.
   Musical Chairs was a Big Hit - and no crying when they had to leave the game.  That was probably because I gave each kid a piece of candy when they couldn't find a chair.  

These are the greatest girls - Not afraid for a second to get slimy and messy!!! 
 I did have one child tell me that he brought a 
very nice present for Nico, and he wanted to know which present was for him.
  Poor kid, he didn't take the truth too well.    
Too Much Kool Aid!  Sugar coma coming soon. 

Needless to say, Nico slept hard that night. And so did Ryan and I.  I love you Nico and Happy Birthday. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Maggie's Wedding - May of 2009

This has got to be my favorite picture of Ryan and I. 
Photo credits go to Molly Nelson - THANK YOU for the copy.

In the beginning...

Starting off the New Year and a New Blog with a little bit of Pain. Ran a 10K in 2 degree weather along the river in Minneapolis. WOW it was cold, but it felt great to do this. Sadly I didn't run in my new five fingers, it was too slushy and I fear I would have lost a couple of toes. I got a great Medal and Nico is convinced that I won the race. I did run a 10:19 mile, which is pretty good for me in tennis shoes, but alas, I did not win the race.  My goal was to finish (ahead of a couple people -  which I did!)  So all is well.  Oh, did I tell you, it was up hill both ways!? Ask any of the other runners, I'm sure they'd tell you the same thing. I slept much of the afternoon and my legs hurt for a week after. But I'm super proud!!!

I wish my kids could have been there - but they were stuck in Morris in a blizzard; held up in my parent's house.  THANK you Mom and Dad for taking care of them, I know they can be a handful or two sometimes.  Ryan was there to take my picture as proof of me actually doing something physical - THANKS Ryan!

The next race will be in the five fingers!! I'm ready for you 2011!!

This year is sure to be a year of Great Change - I can feel it.  So a new blog and new running legs are just the beginning!   Welcome.